M4 Solutions for Friction Homework

Here are the solutions for last weekends homework


M4 Kinematics, Torque and Moment of Inertia Solutions

Here are the solutions for the first of the latest homeworks before your finals.

As some of you have pointed out, there is an error in question 7 as I used diameter instead of radius. This means that omega should be 750 rad/s and alpha should be 1500 rad/s2. Luckily as the force only depends on the ratio of the two radii the answer for the Force is still 0.72. That was lucky 🙂

Well done for those that caught the error. You passed my final test 🙂

It should also be noted that as we never had time to get to tension in a pulley situation, the solution to question 5 is incomplete. The way I have calculated it is presuming a constant force is being applied which is fine for our needs at this time.

Thanks to all you guys keeping me on my toes. Where are the rest of you? 🙂



M4 Review Worksheets

Here are some worksheets to help you prepare for the final exam in physics this semester. I will post solutions to homework sheets (not all of the sheets posted here) later this week.

Homework sheets
Inclined Planes no frcition calc
Coefficient of kinetic friction

Extra Sheets
friction worksheet
friction&normal sheet

Net_Force_and_Acceleration_Practice_Worksheet combo
2nd Newton Problems WS
force problems