M4 Vector Homework

Here is the homework for this weekend. A bit of trigonometry and vector practice. The perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon 🙂

Click on the link below, and enjoy.



Extra Falling Objects Sheet

Here is another falling objects sheet for practice, with solutions, to help you before the test. Don’t forget, the test is now NEXT Tuesday 10th July.

M4 New Falling Objects Homework

There are two worksheets for this week, because getting to grips with falling objects is very important before we can move onto projectile motion.

I have put the sheets here for two reasons: 1. To save all the lovely trees and 2. Because you guys now have swanky iPads to do it on.


Click on the links below to open. Then complete the worksheets on your ipad, safe in the knowledge that you have saved a tree from certain death.

FALLING objects

freefall worksheet 2