M5 Quiz – Light, Reflection and Mirrors

Quiz On Monday

Monday 3rd December 2012 is time for the light quiz. Everything that we have done up until the end of mirrors. It will not include refraction or lenses but will involve concave and convex mirrors and their diagrams.

Specific Topics:

  • Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Polarisation
  • Reflection
  • Plane mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • Ray diagrams
  • Mirror equations


You will have a test / quiz / selection of graded questions on Friday 23rd November.

The questions will be based on what we have covered so far in the astronomy course. This means it will cover the Earth, Moon, and possible small amounts of Sun sprinkled in as well.


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Solar System Presentation – Homework


You have your planet (if not then come and see me asap)

You have your computer.

Now all you have to do is create the presentation.

Your homework for the next two weeks will be to create and prepare for your presentation on your assigned planet / celestial body.

Your presentation should be about 5 minutes long. It should be presented properly and interestingly and not just read word-for-word.

You will be graded on content, presentation delivery style, and effort in preparation.

The presentations will begin in class starting from Friday 7th December. Students will be picked randomly for presenting. So be prepared!