M6 Midterm Summary

The midterm for M6 is on Friday 13th July.

I have included summary sheets on here to help you revise. The test will be on everything we have done up until Midnight on Thursday 🙂


The summary of magnetism is already posted for the unit test in Magnetism summary\


By popular demand…AC circuits

What we have done so far

And Induction

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M5 Midterm Summary

The Midterm is on Thursday 12th July and will be on everything we have done up until this point.

Simple Harmonic Motion

You will find the summary and formulas for SHM at the Simple Harmonic Motion summary

Waves and Sound

The Summary of what we have done so far is below

Sound Summary

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Review Problems – Falling Objects

The questions for homework this weekend are from the textbook page 54 and are questions 75,76,86,88,90, and 92.

In case you don’t have your book at home I have attached a word document with the questions on.

Remember your midterm is next Monday so doing these problems YOURSELF is great preparation for your exam.

Falling Objects Problems from textbook

Also, don’t forget that you MUST have a calculator for your test on Monday. No smart phones or tablets whatsoever will be allowed in a Midterm exam.